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Served 11.30am – 3.30pm Everyday

  • Risotto Vegetarian Arborio Rice
    $21 (with Chicken +$4)
    tossed with roasted pumpkin and portobello mushrooms, topped with feta cheese and fresh herbs
  • Chicken Parmigiana
    crumbed chicken topped with fresh mozzarella, leg ham and napoli sauce, served with chips and pesto aioli
  • Open Souvlaki
    chicken skewers (3) served with mixed salad, chips and tzatziki sauce with pita bread
  • Frank's Chicken Burger
    crumbed chicken breast, avocado, tasty cheese, coleslaw, pesto served with chips
  • Open Souvlaki
    pork fillet skewers (3) served with mixed salad, chips, tzatziki sauce served with pita bread
  • New York Burger
    beef patty, lettuce, tomato, caramelized onion, mustard aioli, bacon, cheese, tomato ketchup, served with chips
  • Steak Sandwich
    grilled scotch fillet with tomato, caramelized onion, bacon, cheese, pesto aioli on Turkish bread, served with chips
  • Salt & Pepper Calamari
    fennel, orange, mixed salad, rocket with pesto aioli
Light Meals
  • Pie: Pulled Beef
  • Pie: Steak & Mushroom, Steak & Onion, Steak & Curry, Steak & Pepper, Steak Bacon & Cheese
  • Pumpkin & Feta Rolls
  • Sausage Roll
  • B.L.T
    bacon, lettuce, tomato with pesto aioli on Turkish bread
  • Spanakopita (v)
    spinach and feta pie, served with mixed salad
  • 3 Mini Arancini Balls
    filled with arborio rice, roasted pumpkin, mushrooms & mozzarella, served with mixed salad
  • Wedges
    served with sour cream & sweet chilli sauce
  • Chips
    with tomato ketchup
  • Wedges, Chips, Salad
Kids Menu
(Strictly to age 12 and under)
  • Scrambled Eggs & Bacon
  • Pancakes
    with chocolate sauce and ice-cream
  • Mini Burger
    with chips